Predictive maintenance sensors for critical infrastructure operators

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2016

Location: The Netherlands

Withthegrid develops sensors and algorithms for energy and water grid operators. The solutions of withthegrid enables operators to manage their assets in a more sustainable way, bringing new levels of added value to their customers and reducing their costs. The data from their sensors enable grid operators to move from condition based maintenance to predictive maintenance. 

Shared energy and water distribution systems are at the heart of withthegrid. To achieve a fully sustainable energy and water system, grid operators must keep costs low and provide added value to both customers who generate their own resources as well as customers who do not. Withthegrid develops solutions for electricity, gas, heat and water distribution networks.



Paul Mignot
Email: paul@withthegrid.io
Website: withthegrid.io

Team Members: Paul Mignot (energy science, M.Sc.), Steven Hulshof (electrical engineer, B. ASc), Jeroen de Bruijn (electrical engineer, B. ASc), Sjors de Klein, (mechanical engineer, B. ASc)