WikiHouse Foundation

Democratising the production of sustainable homes

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2014

Location: UK

Over the last two decades, the web has profoundly transformed our information economy; from centralised to decentralised (e.g. YouTube, Wikipedia, Linux). In the next two decades, a series of technological shifts are going to do the same thing to the way we make and distribute physical things.

Together, these shifts have been termed ‘the third industrial revolution’, moving us towards an open, collaborative design economy where no problem needs to be solved of small businesses and community micro-factories. WikiHouse is perhaps the first project seeking to apply these shifts to the production of homes and cities.  


Alastair Parvin

Sarah Gold

Harry Knight

Alex Whitcroft

Alex Kotenko

Team Members: Alastair Parvin - BA(Hons) MArch; Sarah Gold - BA Architecture, MA Industrial Design; Harry Knight - Bachelor of Musical Arts; Alex Whitcroft - BSc (first), MArch (Distinction), Professional Diploma, Architecture; Alex Kotenko - BA Computer Science, MA Administrative Management