Optimised building automation

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2012

Location: Cham (ZG), Switzerland

WATTELSE provides innovative software and services to reduce energy loss in functional buildings caused by building automation.

Building automation consists of a control system for buildings that manages heating, air ventilation and air conditioning. Using their own monitoring and analysis software MONALYSE®, the behaviour of all components is shown in relation to one another. Optimising this behaviour saves energy and costs, enhances the wellbeing of the workforce and reduces the carbon footprint.

WATTELSE provides the complete service: analysis, plan of action, implementation support, implementation acceptance, energy controlling and a continuous improvement process.

Team Members: Martin Hofer (Electrical Engineering, B.Sc, Executive MBA); Markus Gomer (HCAV Engineering, B.Sc, Business Engineering NDS); three external collaborators