Viridian Raven

An early-warning system for forest risks

Founding Year: 2015

Location: The Netherlands

Viridian Raven uses satellite data to help protect the forests against bark beetle outbreaks.

Because it is user friendly, it allows users with little to no Earth observation experience to gain access to the information. It is an application for risk assessment, which incorporates Sentinel- and Landsat-satellite data, together with several other data sources, to identify high-risk zones for bark beetle outbreaks.

Bark beetles damage forests worldwide, and can only be managed successfully with early intervention. Viridian Raven makes this early intervention possible, contributing to global forest health. This helps sustain all forest ecosystem services, such as timber production, carbon storage, and recreation.


Wendy Mensink




Team Members: Lisa Broekhuizen (Geo Information Sciences, M.Sc.; Nature & Forest Conservation, M.Sc.) and Wendy Mensink (Graphic Design, BA; International Space University, Space Studies Program)