Discover a new world - Gamifying a social movement

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: Not founded yet

Location: Switzerland

The international vegan/vegetarian movement promotes climate-friendly eating. Veganaut uses gamification to make this movement grow faster, include more diverse people and be more effective. Our players compete, collaborate and cheer each other on in playful challenges that revolve around environmentally beneficial food: baking egg- and dairy-free muffins for their co-workers or schoolmates, cooking vegan Bolognese for their friends, showing fellow shoppers in the supermarket where the plant-based delicacies can be found, encouraging restaurants and takeaways to offer more vegan options etc.

Veganaut partners with food companies, retailers and gastronomy for marketing campaigns and customer retention and engagement programmes.

Team Members: Sebastian Leugger (Philosophy, PhD); Kremena Diatchka (Computer Science, MSc); Tobias Leugger (Communication Systems, MSc)