Indoors waste recycling solution

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2013

Location: the Netherlands

UrbanSeeds develops and markets innovative solutions for an easy and sustainable living. Waste materials are used to bring scalable innovative design products to stimulate recycling in household and businesses. Awareness about sustainability is integrated in the products through gamification methods to make recycling a fun and simple process.  

We have developed the Waste Away System, a smart waste solution for a clean and space efficient house and office. The Waste Away Box is a 100% recycled waste solution for indoor recycling of all waste streams. The separate boxes can be stacked and easily taken outside for optimum recycling. 


Anja Cheriakova


Team Members: Anja Cheriakova (Organizational Psychology, M.Sc.); Gijs Langeveld (Economics and Geography M.Sc.)