Supply chain sustainability compliance

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2013

Location: UK

A lack of visibility of production conditions can be a significant obstacle. Nonphysical characteristics are impossible to determine by directly analysing the end product but can have a significant effect on its suitability for its intended market.

This is a particular challenge where feedstock with differing nonphysical characteristics are transformed together into a physically mixed commodity supply chain. Trakeo systems are able to provide a virtualised segregated supply chain for consignments defined by various nonphysical characteristics. This helps to assure compliance and boosts confidence in the legitimacy of the products and supply itself.
By eliminating reliance on multiple manual processes, rakeo saves time and reduces error, increasing confidence and enhancing credibility.


Derek Charter

Team Members: Derek Charter (Liberal Arts, B.A.); Tim Stephenson (Mechanical Engineering M Eng - Hons)