Human centric power generation

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Location: Germany

The ELECTRIC HOTEL is a mobile renewable energy power plant that travels large-scale multi-day events (50,000 + visitors) like music festivals, trade fairs, racing days etcetera with a service that charges mobile phones on site on a professional level. A software-operated sorting system combined with 400 charging bays allows the charging of over 1,500 phones a day. 

At the same time it is an event on its own that lets people experience the physical phenomenon electricity by generating their own energy, with sun, wind, water and muscle power. This energy is used to either charge phones or to power various installations, like a DJ-set on stage that is run by bike generators. 

Team Members: Sebastian Fleiter (idea, concept, design, PR); Wolfgang Jung (Hard- and Software development, programming, electrical engineering); Mark Kröll (construction); Sarah Vogelgesang (project management)