The climate data factory

Founding Year: 2015

Location: France

The Climate Data Factory provides ready to use climate model data for any application to help reduce time to action of climate change adaptation

As the volume of climate projections is massively increasing obtaining data from portals becomes tedious. Identifying and downloading specific model simulations is a hassle. Pre-processing (spatial and temporal interpolations, bias correction) now requires specific skills and computing resources that limits the diffusion to non-specialists.

The Climate Data Factory takes care of the hassle… transparently

Spatial and temporal grids of climate projections are harmonized. Biases on variables are corrected to make the data directly usable. All transformations are traced, methods are referenced in rank A journals, and our workflow software is available on GitHub. All data are referenced for citation and available in many formats.

Team Members: Harilaos Loukos, founder and CEO