TEN innovation design

Enhance shrimp production toward sustainable development

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: Not founded yet

Location: The Netherlands

TEN ID provides an intelligent solution for shrimp producers in Asia to increase their profit by securing their crops and enhance the quality. A fully automated pond management system that monitors, analyses and corrects pond water to the desired level in real-time. The difference with existing solutions is that TEN ID’s products offers a simple management interface suitable for local knowledge, it is cost efficient, robust and compact enough to access remote areas.

TEN ID believes future food supply should be more sustainable. This solution is a climate mitigation strategy to secure shrimp farming for the future that is dependent on clean and moderate water flows. Additionally, using our solution for aqua-culture will reduce antibiotic and chemicals use in aquaculture significantly.


Tuan H. Le
E-mail: htle@outlook.com

Team Members: Marcel M. Swets (Electrical Engineering, eur. ing.), Tuan H. Le (International Business and Management, B.A.), Mai H. S. Vu (Foreign Affairs, B.A. & International Business, M.A.) – Based in Vietnam, Thuat D. Nguyen (Legal, M.Sc.) – Based in Vietnam, Quynh N. Tran (Sales, B.A.) – Based in Vietnam