A smart connected fuse that allows homeowners to remotely control and schedule temperature

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2016

Location: Malmö, Sweden

Tempiro allows homeowners to monitor and control any electrical HVAC device remotely, saving money, reducing insecurity and increasing comfort in their home.

Fixed electrical appliance, such as electrical heating cannot be easily controlled remotely except through complex, high-cost equipment. Homeowners have a need for remote monitoring and control systems for those appliances, as well as a wish to reduce their energy use.

Our smart connected fuse requires only a 5-minute DIY installation, allowing users to remotely control and schedule temperature as well as other appliance use.


Magnus Lindström (CEO)



Team Members: Magnus Lindström-Founder and CEO, Muhamet Ademi, Co-founder-SW Developer, Johan Lindén, Co-founder-HW Developer, Maite Bellón-Marketing & Communication, Cecilia Lindén-Marketing & Communication.