Swedish Algae Factory

Developing algae-based wastewater treatment systems to turn algae biomass into bio crude oil

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2014

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Swedish Algae Factory is a Gothenburg start-up that is developing algae-based wastewater treatment systems with the goal to process algae biomass into bio crude oil.








Their solution is based on a new strain of algae growing in the polar ice. The algae has a high lipid content making it usable for fuel production. It grows well in low temperature and low light conditions, which enables Nordic countries to produce algae biomass at a large scale all year around.

By using this algae, algae biomass production can be achieved in a much more energy efficient way since it does not need warming and artificial light during winter season.

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Sofie Allert


Team Members: Sofie Allert, CEO; Linnea Wikman, Vice President; Angela Wulff, Head of Research; Mikael Hedblom, Algae Researcher; Justin Pearce, Process Engineer