Mobile, Plug & Play solar generator.

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2016

Location: Germany

1.2 Billion people don’t have access to a reliable electric energy grid. Their energy demand is often satisfied with diesel generators. These generators not only depend on fossil fuels, but also emit noise and air pollution. SunZilla is a green, silent and sustainable alternative to diesel generators: Based on renewable energies and uncluding battery storage it provides electric energy whereever it is needed. Through its modularity it can be adapted to different energy needs. As it is plug and play no special skills or technican is needed to set up the system within 5 minutes. It comes with an intelligent control, which enables fail-safe and reliant operation and brings an Internet-of-Things interface to interact with other devices. SunZilla is developed under Open Source Licence which garantees fast innovation and user focused improvements. 


Leonie Gildein, T: 01785445452, E:

Team Members: Vivien Barnier (CEO), Laurin Vierrath (CTO), Leonie Gildein (CEO), Jochen Rueß (CEO), Joscha Winzer (CEO)