Software solution for direct sale of solar power

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2014

Location: Germany

Sunride is a software platform that enables organizations to sell solar power directly from rooftops to end-customers. Thus solar projects are transformed into micro-utilities.

The platform’s Unique Selling Point is data and process automation: Everything works just by the click of a button. Sunride’s technology platform enables micro-utilities to collect and aggregate all project related data in a single place. Once the project data is online, it is fed into Sunride’s proprietary software system in order to automate the underlying business processes.

On top of this back-end system, Sunride provides a range of highly automated services for the micro-utilities in the domains of;

  • project communication and stakeholder engagement;
  • system monitoring and maintenance;
  • metering and customer invoicing;
  • financial management, taxes and bookkeeping.

Stefan Thon
+49 170 381 34 34

Team Members: Marco Peise (Co-founder), Stefan Thon (Co-founder), Reto Wetttach (Co-founder), Thibaut Schaeffer (Intern)