'Clean seas globally'

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2014

Location: The Netherlands

Deep sea cleaning
SPONGE INC. developed a reusable, carbon based material that is super hydrophobic and oleophilic: meaning it repels water and absorbs any oil based contaminants. The multi-level porosity allows the material to absorb up to 15 times of its own weight, as well as trapping the absorbed contaminants within inner pores. The effectiveness of Sponge does not change with different salinity levels, allowing it to be used for the clean-up of all types of water. Herewith SPONGE INC. introduces an effective solution for deep sea cleaning.

Sustainable and affordable
Derived from sugar, SPONGE INC. is affordably and sustainably scalable. Its adaptable form and additional characteristics such as magnetic and thermal insulation bring various application opportunities in industries including naval architecture, construction, water and air filtration.


Pinar Guvenc
Email: pinar@spongeinc.com
Website: www.spongeinc.com

Team Members: Pinar Guvenc (Industrial Engineer, M.Sc.), Mihri Ozkan (Professor in Material Science, PhD), Cengiz Ozkan (Professor in Mechanical Engineering, PhD), Brinda Wiita (Medical Scientist, PhD), Inanc Eray (Architect, MArch), Andrew Patalano (Chemical Engineer, PhD Candidate) and Fabian Villalobos (Chemical Engineer, PhD Candidate).