Solar Monkey

Safe and secure solar power, guaranteed

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2013

Location: The Netherlands

Solar Monkey delivers software and services to solar panel installers, used to design solar panel systems and calculate and guarantee the energy output of the designed installation. If the guaranteed output is not achieved, the end user is paid the difference. Output guarantees on solar installations introduce low risk investments and a high level of security in a currently very chaotic market.

The need for more consumer security is clear by the sheer number of options and indecipherable market. Installers make use of our software and services to offer this security through output guarantees, and benefit from higher conversion rates and profit margins as a result.


Jan Pieter Versluijs



Team Members: Mels van Hoolfwerff (Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. and Jan Pieter Versluijs (Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc.)