Solabolic GmbH

We keep the sun in suspense

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2016

Location: Austria

Solabolic establishes a revolutionary patented technology, which offers the best performing and most profitable parabolic trough solar collectors in the market

Unlike all other solar technologies in the market, Solabolic enables to produce the collectors for the most part with local resources and manpower at point of installation anywhere in the world (e.g. emerging markets and developing economies) through avoiding complex and expensive high-tech manufacturing and assembly processes. The local value-added supports the political decision, especially in the developing economies – the regions with the world’s greatest solar resources – and accelerates the utilization of the solar energy.



Name: DI Ahmed Adel

Phone: +43 1 – 934 67 28



Team Members: Ahmed Adel, Stefan Nolte, Immanuel Gfall, David Monetti, Thomas Reisinger