HD weather nowcasting

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: Not founded yet

Location: The Netherlands

SkyEcho develops a new generation of high definition urban rainfall products, based on radar technology, tailored to provide very accurate rainfall information and forecast for managing local water disruptions.

The motivation that drove the creation of the company is the lack on the market of advanced and high resolution urban weather nowcast solutions, a lack that hampers the way water disruption is managed at the scale of individual cities. In cooperation with radar manufacturers, the products of SkyEcho are designed to fill this lack through the development and maintenance of rainfall nowcasting solutions that are flexible to the customers’ needs.


Yann Dufournet

Team Members: Yann Dufournet (Geoscience and Atmospheric physics, PhD), Jacopo Grazioli (Environmental Engineering, PhD) and Marcus Radlach (Meteorology, PhD).