SimGas BV

Biogas solutions for the sub-tropics

Founding Year: 2009

Location: Netherlands

SimGas was founded in May 2009 by the brothers Sanne and Mirik Castro. Inspiration for the company emerged from Sanne’s Master thesis research, which addressed the feasibility of large-scale biogas systems in Tanzania and Ghana. Biogas is a proven technology to provide for clean energy in (sub-)tropical areas. However, the existing designs are inefficient and expensive.

Traditional systems are a project rather than a product. By establishing SimGas, the Castro brothers developed the idea to design affordable and mass-producible systems in order to lower the costs and make biogas available for millions of households.

SimGas focuses on innovative design, production and delivery of affordable small-scale biogas and bio-sanitation systems to customers in (sub)tropical regions. Since end-2011, the systems are being locally produced and distributed in East-Africa.

Winnie Versol

Team Members: Sanne Castro (Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management – Energy Systems, MSc), Mirik Castro (System Engineering Process Analysis and Management, MSc), Chandler Hatton (Industrial Design Engineering, MSc), Winnie Versol (Technology and Policy, MSc), Cyril Gips (Industrial Design), Thomas van der Schoor (Industrial Design, MSc), Jorge da Silva (Industrial Design), Daan Molkenboer (Mechanical Engineering)