Silent Sensors Ltd

Track, Monitor and Manage your Tyres

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: October 2013

Location: UK

Silent® Sensors provide an efficient, easy tyre management system at a low cost using patented RFID technology. It measures tyre pressure, tread and temperature by simply applied sensors, allowing fleet owners to better manage one of their most vital resources. It manages tyres through every stage from manufacture to regular maintenance and monitoring for repair, reuse and recycling. For the large haulage fleet or the individual driver, it means three things.

  • Greater fuel efficiency –25% of a haulage company’s costs are fuel, small fuel savings become big. With the Silent® Sensors tyre management system we estimate saving 2% and 6%.
  • Increased tyre life – by managing your tyres properly, you will achieve a significantly longer life for tyres up to 20%
  • Much safer tyres – 20% of road accidents are caused by tyre failures. When tyres are properly maintained by Silent® Sensors systems, there are fewer failures, and much safer transport.

Team Members: Marcus Taylor; David Brazier; James Gambrell; Jonathan Ingram; Ashley Duddle ; Sharon Boyes-Schiller