'The fast and easy way to find water sensors'

Founding Year: 2012

Location: The Netherlands

Water sensor knowledge platform
The Sensileau Sensor Platform is a web-based community platform offering insight in the rapidly expanding world of online sensor technology for water quality monitoring. Start-up Sensileau supports utilities in finding, installing, operating and maintaining fit-for-purpose sensors.

Optimizing drinking water and waste water
The online sensors for water quality monitoring, offer numerous possibilities for drinking water and waste water. They can optimize processes and reduce the use of chemicals, energy consumption and water loss by 20% or more. This reduces costs while at the same time improving process stability and sustainability. However, the maximum potential of online sensors cannot be achieved as long as utilities lack the necessary knowledge and expertise to make optimal use of sensor technologies available to the market. Sensileau offers insight in the world of online sensor technology.


Corina Carpentier

Team Members: Corina Carpentier (Aquatic Ecotoxicology, PhD) and Jan Broos (Aquatic Ecology, M.Sc.)