Save Innovations

The electrical power supply which recovers the energy of low speed water flows

Founding Year: 2012

Location: France

Beyond their environmental benefit, the innovating power generated by pico-turbines of Save Innovations, leveraging the proprietary multi-patented technology, open numerous and diverse worldwide markets.

Save Innovations provides, at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, electrical self-sufficiency to the mobile equipment or remote sites’ control equipment. This is made possible by recovering the energy of low-speed flows, typically water, which is quite universally available around us, but so far untapped because of the limitations of conventional technology.

Team Members: Bernard Perrière, Co-founder and CEO Jean-Dominique Zanus, Co-founder and Sales & Marketing Manager Gilles Lambinet, Associate and Development Manager Emmanuel Dufour, Associate and technical designer Laura Picheral, Ph. D in System Optimization