ReVibe Energy – Alumni

Enabling a sustainable and self-sufficient power source for low-current applications

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2013

Location: Nordic

Revibe product shot

ReVibe Energy is a member of Climate-KIC Alumni since 2016

ReVibe Energy offers a new way to power sensors in environments where other alternatives are unreliable, expensive or simply impossible to use.

The products of ReVibe Energy have the ability to transform vibrations into electricity and enable a sustainable and self-sufficient power source which eliminates the need for alternatives being used today.

The core technology is based on an electromagnetic vibration energy harvesting unit which has the ability to transform vibrations into electricity. This creates a mobile power source that can power low-current applications wherever vibrations exists and eliminates the need for batteries and cables. This brings a clear environmental benefit in replacing alternatives which have a negative climate impact and through utilising the already existing energy in vibrations and converting it to electricity. 

The technology can be ideally adapted to work in a number of environments, such as the railway industry, industrial environments and remote & extreme environments. 

Team Members: Viktor Börjesson, CEO (Business Design and Entrepreneurship, M.Sc.); Erik Godtman Kling, co-founder (Business Design and Entrepreneurship, M.Sc.); Per Cederwall, CTO (Mechanical Engineer, M.Sc, +25 years of experience)