Real Estate Radar

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2015

Location: The Netherlands

Real Estate has a big climate impact: 25% of all waste and 40% of energy consumption in Europe is real estate related. There is a multi-billion euro challenge to renovate existing real estate. Banks, governments, grid operators, insurance companies, engineering companies and contractors all have different roles, but there’s one thing these stakeholders have in common: they need good data to determine and execute their policies. Data which is not always available and costly to collect.

Readaar developed a datamining solution from aerial imagery to provide these stakeholders with accurate data. Readaar started with the detection of solar panels and are now expanding to the detection of asbestos.


Matthijs van Til
Phone: +31 654 914 858

Team Members: Matthijs van Til (Civil Engineering, MSc) and Sven Briels (Geomatics, MSc, Aerospace Engineering, BSc)