Qarnot computing

Green computing & free heating

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2010

Location: France

Qarnot computing is a High Performance Computing service provider allowing :

  • Our clients to perform their heavy computation tasks cheaper without using energy of hungry data centers
  • To provide free heating to any place connected to the Internet

Our platform is based on 2 major innovations :

  • The Q.rad digital heater, merging an HPC computer and an electric radiator, deployed in homes and premises
  • The Q.ware, a software platform designed for optimum workload distribution

Team Members: Paul Benoit (Computer science engineering, M. Sc.); Miroslav Sviezeny (ESSEC Business School); Grégoire Sirou (Computer science engineering, M. Sc.); Danuta Pieter (Environmental engineering, M. Sc.); Jérémie Assous (Attorney at law – Paris Bar); Nicolas Dubée (Computer science engineering, M. Sc.)