Plants & Machines

Designing 21st century tools for food production

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2015

Location: Germany/Berlin

Plants & Machines is designing 21st century tools for food production.

Starting with the vision to bring food production back into people’s homes,

Plants Machines DIY gardening robot
Plants & Machines’ DIY gardening robot

plants & machines develops fully automated greenhouses for indoor gardening and urban farming applications.

Therefore they combine modern control technology, innovative growing methods and machine learning to a robotic ecosystem.




Nicolas Herrmann (Co-Founder and CFO/CBO)
+49 176 6689 8798

Team Members: Nicolas Herrmann (Co-Founder and CFO/CBO), Martin Breuer (Co-Founder and CEO), Bastian Bügler (Co-Founder and Chief Software Developer), Simon Tretter (Hardware Developer), Frank Urbainsky ( Software Developer)