Easing the transition to solar, one calculation at a time.

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2015

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Theme: Decision Metrics & Finance Urban Transitions


Sunmapper is an interactive platform for prospective residential solar purchasers. Usually potential customers have little access to specialised knowledge and measures prior to getting an estimate of potential solar production. Sunmapper computes the pitch, orientation, weather effects, simulations of shadows and even optimises for size and placement of the solar panels – simply by inputing your address.

The transition to solar power from traditional fossil fuels has immense climate benefits. On average, each solar panel installer saves the CO2 equivalent of 300 pine trees, every year.


Maxim Khomiakov
Email: maxim@sunmapper.com
Phone: +4531408881






Team Members: Maxim Khomiakov (Managing Director), Benjamin Dalsgaard Hughes (Front-End Fullstack Developer), William Dashan Gan (Data Scientist)