Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2013

Location: France

Orchestra is a smart-home service to reduce the heating energy consumption for private housing, developed by the company LCIS (Low Carbon Innovative solutions).

It is based on an optimized control of the electric heaters. Orchestra regulates the temperature in every room through a system of sensors and actuators, managed by algorithms located in a gateway. The system cares for hours of presence (updated via user applications) and thermic characteristics of the home to find the most efficient way of heating the room and reducing the energy consumption. A strong effort is made on the intuitive side of the front end. 


accueil@my-orchestra.com LCIS – 38 rue Senac de Meilhan 13001 Marseille


Team Members: Ghislain Dubois – Director and founder; Alice Dutheil – Computer engineer in charge of computing work; Sébastien Bruyère – Project engineer in charge of technical features; Daniel Giudice – In charge of business and financial features