Open Ocean

Founding Year: 2011

Location: France

Open Ocean is an innovative company based in Brest and Paris, which conceives since 2011 online decision-making solutions for industrial marine activities.

Our highly qualified team of oceanographers, trained in the best research oceanographic institutes of the world (UPMC, IFREMER, University of Washington) is specialized in high resolution ocean modelling, statistical analysis and data mining.

As a result of our team’s very diverse experience, we have conceived and created Metocean Analytics, the first online offer for metocean study on-demand.

Open Ocean envisions to support the impressive growth of the Blue Economy by conceiving innovative online solutions that will change the way offshore developments are planned and managed.

These softwares are decision-making tools which improve safety, cost, and respect of the environment associated with the ambitious offshore projects of the 21st century.

Our team combines scientific expertise, proficiency of innovative technologies, strategic vision and culture of efficiency to offer a better understanding of the ocean world and to ensure the sustainability of BLUE Growth.

Team Members: Renaud Laborbe, Executive Chairman; Jerome Cuny, Chief Executive Officer; Youen Kervella, Research & Development Manager; François Batifoulier, Project Manager; Raphaël Dubois, Project Engineer; Élodie Coroller, International Business Developer; Iulia Shevchenko, International Business Developer; Carole Alcalay, Office Manager