One Shore

We know diesel. We love solar

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2013

Location: Germany

OneShore converts existing diesel-based power systems into solar-diesel-hybrid systems. This makes islands and off-grid communities less fossil fuel depended, reduces significantly CO2 emissions and saves diesel costs. Full grid stability is ensured by utilising a smart control system for the solar system driven by consumer loads and diesel generator characteristics without the need of expensive storage solutions. This enables the off-grid areas to reduce their diesel fuel usage and cost and substantially reducing their carbon footprint.


Philipp Neff
T +49 30 20 89 81 722
M +49 160 9969 4005

Team Members: Philipp Kunze (Managing Director); Philipp Neff (Managing Director); Martin Baart (Vice President Engineering); Elisa Papadis (Application Engineer); Sven Rawe (Advisor)