Intelligent e-powered bike-trailers

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2016

Location: Germany

NÜWIEL revolutionizes cities. We develop alternative  mobility solutions for city logistics and urban lifestyle. Our e-powered bike-trailer can be attached to any bicycle and used as an e-powered handcart. It carries its own weight and instantly replicates the movement of a bicycle. In other words, it knows exactly when to  accelerate, slow down, brake and even provide a push to a rider. NÜWIEL is the first intelligent bike-trailer with a motor and a three-level brake system. 


Natalia Tomiyama
T: +4917643686634
E: natalia.tomiyama@nuwiel.de

Team Members: Natalie Tomiyama (Co-Founder, Managing Partner), Sandro Rabbiosi (Co-Founder, Managing Partner), Fahad Khan (Co-Founder, Managing Partner), Ashish Popale (Project Leader Mechanics), Martin Schwarz (Leader in Mobility Solutions)