Reusable packaging for e-commerce

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: Not founded yet

Location: The Netherlands

Currently e-commerce retailers use a cardboard box filled with protective packaging to ship their products. This means that the product is both not optimally protected, and a lot of waste is generated. The consumer also experiences the current shipping as a hassle – in order to obtain their product the consumer throws away a lot of plastic and cardboard.

No waste, no hassle
Nopac developed a product to resolve all these issues, the Nopac. Since the Nopac packages can be used multiple times they are environmentally friendlier than current solutions. Due to its re-use, the Nopac is a more robust and more reliable packaging solution; both for outgoing and return shipments. Finally, Nopacs eliminate the hassle for the consumer, as the consumer simply collapses the package and drops it off.


Sander den Hoedt

Team Members: Maarten Sanders (Applied Physics MSc, MBA), Lisebeth Thijssen (Industrial design BSc, Applied Physics MSc), Sander den Hoedt (Applied Physics MSc, Corporate Law, MLL)