NER (Nafici Environmental Research Ltd)

Eco paper from wheat straw, not trees

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2013

Location: UK

NER’s new low carbon, small-scale  technology, uses wheat, barley and oat straw wastes (even with high moisture) to produce paper pulp as a competitive alternative to hardwood pulp for use in paper manufacturing and for other applications.

This new process overcomes the cost and environmental disadvantages of a normal straw pulping and is an effective and efficient way to reintroduce straw into the paper industry.

NER plans to license the know-how and further develop the technology in the UK and overseas with a focus on large cereal crop production, an industry with large quantities of straw by-product. 


Florence Miremadi-Nafici

Team Members: Shahriar Nafici; Florence Miremadi-Nafici