Zbox®; a new foldable container for maritime transport

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2014

Location: Spain

The mission of Navlandis is to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the global transport by innovation. Their first product, Zbox® is a new patented foldable container.








Their foldable container reduces the impact of empty containers in maritime transport in economic terms (by 50%), and in terms of CO2 emissions (by 16%). Navlandis achieves this by reducing the needs of space in transport, storage of empty containers and the charge-discharge operations, both by 80%.

Their design is more robust than their competitors because it requires a lower number of moving parts. It is also easier to fold due to a simpler and smarter mechanism that involves less workers and time, and cheaper to build as it needs less steel and moving parts.

Their focus is on maritime transport stakeholders. Container owners are either shipping lines or leasers. The worldwide fleet exceeds 40M containers, with a renewal rate of about a 10%. Sales in 2014 reached 5.4M containers. The total size of the container market today is about $10b.

With the acceleration of Navlandis the environmental impact of empty containers can be reduced, contributing to a more sustainable world.


Miguel A. Navalón Simón

Team Members: Gloria Arnandis (MSc . Civil Engineer. Marketing and business development), Miguel A. Navalón (MSc Civil Engineer, MBA. CEO and Founder, sales and technology innovation)