Solar micro-grid

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2012

Location: UK

Millions of homes, schools and enterprises in the developing world still utilise kerosene as their primary source of lighting. Kerosene lamps emit poisonous fumes, create fire hazards and provide inadequate lighting, resulting in health problems and poor living conditions within those communities.

Traditional electricity grids are often too expensive for installation in such rural and sparsely populated areas, leaving no cost-effective alternative for energy delivery. To meet this challenge, MeshPower delivers a solution in the form of a micro-grid system known as MeshGrid.

Team Members: Lukas Lukoschek (Electrical Engineering, M.Eng); Charith Amarasinghe (Electrical Engineering, M.Eng); Richard Mori (Mechanical Engineering, M.Eng); Ali Al-Hakim (Electrical Engineering, M.Eng)