Levitas BV

Efficiency in transport

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2015

Location: The Netherlands

Increasing payload efficiency
Levitas develops core-tech solutions that reduce fuel consumption, increase payload and extend the range of transport vehicles. By leveraging their origins in aerospace engineering, Levitas is able to stay ahead of the competition in application of lightweight composites materials and aerodynamic design. 

The lower empty weight of the vehicle results in higher payload capacity and thus higher revenue per vehicle. And secondly, the lower weight reduces the energy consumption over the lifetime of the vehicle. In this way, the Life-Cycle-Costs of EVs can be made lower than existing combustion vehicles.


Pradeep Pandurangi
Email: pradeep@levitascomposites.com
Website: www.levitascomposites.com

Team Members: Pradeep Pandurangi (Aerospace Engineering, M.Sc.), Gianluca Laera (Aerospace Engineering, M.Sc.) and Prithvi Sai (Aerospace Engineering, M.Sc.)