Unlocking land value

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2015

Location: The Netherlands

Secure land rights generate economic prosperity and curb deforestation. This has been proven. However, 75% of the planet’s land has unclear title. Developing countries need to map land rights to trigger development, but the methods available now are costly and time-consuming. 

Landmapp is a cloud platform and mobile application that puts mapping in the hands of the landowner. It allows users to map their land and confirm their claim through a process Landmapp calls “Crowd-Validation”. This greatly speeds up registration while reducing costs. With clarified land tenure, rural communities can then unlock access to micro-finance, technical assistance, sustainability certification and carbon payments.


Thomas Vaassen

Team Members: Thomas Vaassen (International Business, Msc), Simon Ulvund (dropout), Paul Chatterton (Anthropology, MA)