Founding Year: 2015

Location: France

OKAVANGO-energy is a young innovative SME which delivers advanced energy services to the Industrial sector in France, Spain and Belgium.

Its new subsidiary KubangO proposes to medium size industrial companies an Energy Efficiency (EE) program based on Leanergy® with built in financing.

The Leanergy® methodology initially developed by Okavango-energy is inspired from the lean manufacturing approach. It is not only a structured change management approach but also a systemic diagnostic including non-technical savings with behavior change or process adjustments.

KubangO has been conceived in the context of the Energy Efficiency Communication of July 2014 when the EU announced it was expecting to miss its 2020 energy efficiency target by 1 or 2%. The Industry representing a third of the missed target, KubangO wants to bring its own contribution through a focused and quick-impact project.


Jean Pierre Riche – CEO


Team Members: Jean-Pierre Riche and Laurence Grand Clément