It's your JOYCE

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2016

Location: Germany

JOYCE a revolutionary drinking-system.

JOYCE is a drinking-bottle, that adds flavour to pure (tab-)water just by scent. This created taste contains no unhealthy sugar or food additives.

With JOYCE as a reusable bottle combined with an eco-friendly capsule system, our team aims to positively influence the huge CO2 footprint and wasteful cycle of the beverage industry. Beyond waste reduction, there is currently no convenient way, to create appealing beverages from tab water without adding sugar, sweeteners or premix-products


  • Name. Lena Jüngst
  • Phone: 0049 177 1702385
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Team Members: Tim Jäger (Product Design), Lena Jüngst (Product Design), Jannis Koppitz (Business Administration), Fabian Schlang (Food Technology)