Food as a Service

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2014

Location: The Netherlands

The healthiest and freshest local food experience

InstaGreen grows vegetables, herbs and micro-greens in the middle of the city, without soil, only a little water and no pesticides, improving food quality and freshness while reducing waste and food miles.

Once the produce is ready to eat, InstaGreen brings the vegetables to the location of consumption where they are harvested by the chef cooks or their customers, right before enjoying the healthiest and most sustainable produce possible, providing a unique experience.

InstaGreen focuses on conscious and high end restaurants, after which they will sell to hotels, cafeterias and offices. The ultimately goal is to sell to end-consumers.


Remko Dirkmaat

Team Members: Anneke Stolk (Industrial Design Engineer, MSc) and Remko Dirkmaat (Architect, MSc)