Renewable energy production and supply

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: Not founded yet

Location: Switzerland

IndieWatt substitutes small fossil fuel generators (up to 12 kW) with renewable energy production and battery storage.

IndieWatt supplies microgrids day and night with 230/400V AC for electric motors, light etc. IndieWatt is mobile and can be towed to any remote place with road access.

By charging the battery directly with DC from solar panels, an additional photovoltaic inverter is not needed. IndieWatt can be the condensation nucleus for rural electrification in remote areas going beyond small home lighting.

It also serves as a peaker and stabilisation plant for existing microgrids, increases the utilisation time of the installed capacity of small hydroelectric and photovoltaic modules and reduces diesel consumption where installed.

Team Members: Max Ursin (Civil Engineering, MSc/ Energy Systems, MSc); Ivo Graber (Electronic Engineering, MSc); Christos Bersos (Electrical Engineering, MSc); Maxime Caron (Electrical Engineering, MSc); Hans Grünig (Mechanical Engineering, MSc)