Holland Container Innovations B.V.

HCI Foldable Container

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2008

Location: The Netherlands

Holland Container Innovations has developed and patented eight technologies for a steel foldable maritime 40ft High Cube container. Four folded containers occupy exactly the same volume as a standard container. HCI is the first company in the world to successfully pass the tests of the ISO certification with a 40ft HC Foldable Container. This proves that the steel foldable container meets the same requirements as a standard container. On average 20% of the containers transported at sea and 40% on land are empty. Using foldable containers can save up to 25% of the operational costs for a shipping line with the added potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 44 million tons per year.


Simon Bosschieter

Team Members: Simon Bosschieter (Engineering Policy Analysis, MSc); Peter Brouwer (Aerospace Engineering, MSc); Rob Buskermolen (Mechanical Engineering, MSc); Arthur Meijers (Mechanical Engineering, MSc); Joris Moerkerken (Mechanical Engineering, MSc)