Freemium service for modern hitchhikers

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Location: Central Hungary









Have you ever realized that your bus has just left or that you have stuck in the city at night? Hitchhyper is a service helping with communal car sharing, a kind of modern hitchhiking.

The application works in the following way: you enter your destination, we find the optimal route for you and if a driver is going the same way you can ask them to take you for a while.

When you are driving you don’t have to diverge from your original route or waste fuel. Just be cool and take others for a short common segment of your trips. The users rate each other after each journey, that is the currency between the driver and passenger.

If you give many lifts for other passengers, as a pedestrian you can always use the communal car sharing service for free . If you give no lifts for others, you have to buy premium membership.

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Team Members: Gergely Ambrovics (Industrial and Product Design, MA); Márton Temesi (Industrial and Product Design, BA); András Lux (Electrical Engineerig, Telecommunications, Msc); András Berecz (Industrial and Product Design, BA)