Solar-based heat generation at costs below any other energy source

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2014

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Heliac develops, manufactures and sells foils that generate high-temperature heat like giant magnifying glasses.

The solution is as efficient as the best in class within Concentrated Solar Power and so inexpensive that heat can be produced below the cost of any alternative.

The thermal energy can be used for district heating, cooling, process heat, desalination and power generation. In a smaller version, it can also be used for cooking where it boils a litre of water in 10 -15 minutes.

Team Members: Henrik Pranov-CEO, Maria Matschuk-CTO, Sedi Byskov-Development Engineer, Gideon Caringal-Development Engineer, Karsten Dupont-Foreman, Cristina Crespo-Intern.