Make room for the future

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2017

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

The creation of new strategies for office work is essential to reduce environmental impacts and social inequity. Based on years of research and large sets of data – together with Chalmers University and supported by Climate-KIC – Furbish has decoded the ‘Office DNA’. Furbish now offers a new paradigm of user-oriented, lower carbon footprint and resilient office design solutions to design the next generation smart sustainable offices.

By applying the Furbish 7 steps to workplace success, their groundbreaking refurbishment method can result in 50% higher energy savings in comparison to conventional approaches. Furbish accelerates a greater share of extensive and nearly zero building renovations along with improved occupants’ behaviour.

Furbish has a multidisciplinary and international team – with workplace specialists, designers, architects and engineers – that is dedicated to commercial-use buildings for office work and education.




Team Members: Ulrike Rahe, Holger Wallbaum, Antonio Cobaleda Cordero, Melina Forooraghi, Quan Jin