We Simplify Solar

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2015

Location: The Netherlands

Fritts monitors the performance of PV solar systems.
Currently Fritts has a strong focus on the residential and SME sector. They offer a software based solution. Therefore there is no need for an expensive hardware solution. Owners of PV solar systems give Fritts access to their inverter. They analyse the data and can give a clear indication if their system is working properly.

Fritts uses benchmarking as one indication to check if systems are performing as expected, but also use local meteorological data and historical data. They know which systems are under-performing and which systems are in need of maintenance. This is useful for asset owners, maintenance and installation companies, or utility companies.


Maarten de Vlugt

Team Members: Lex Schiebaan (Business Engineering B.eng), Joris Beukeboom (Master management economics & consumer behaviour, MSc), Maarten de Vlugt (Energy Science, Msc), Jaap Oostinjen (Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology, BSc)