FlorAccess B.V.

Connecting horticulture buyers and suppliers worldwide

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2011

Location: The Netherlands

The internet has facilitated increased supply chain efficiency in many industries. FlorAccess is the driving force behind this development within the horticulture industry.

Today’s supply chains are long and poorly connected from an information standpoint. FlorAccess will provide transparency in global availability of horticulture products and facilitate direct trade between both ends of the supply chain. This will result in better prices, less waste and more efficient logistics.


Pieter Kroese
Email: pieter.kroese@floraccess.com
Website: www.floraccess.com

Team Members: Pieter Kroese (Economics, Certified Auditor), Ewoud Goorts (International Business), Tom Hogewind (Machine learning) and Nol Goorts (Agriculture).