Innovative façade system

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2013

Location: Germany

flissade develops a new façade system for living areas that can be both internal and external space according to your wishes and requirements. 

The innovative room-height glass windows can be moved smoothly by hand along the u-shaped guide-rail, converting a balcony into a fully usable living space. 

During the cold season flissade optimises the solar gains and reduces the heat loss, when it is in its outer position. Both save heat energy for buildings. Additionally for warm and hot climate the façade system provides the ideal self-shading effect of a loggia, when it is in its inner position. 

flissade offers new solutions for future housing development. The opportunity to increase living space is also a real motivator for any redevelopment project, especially in dense urban spaces. 

Team Members: Lisbeth Fischbacher (Dipl.-lng. Univ. Fachtrichtung Architektur); Daniel Hoheneder (Dipl.-lng. Univ. Fachrichtung Architektur)