Eternum Energy

Creating micro energy businesses in off-grid Africa

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2010

Location: UK

Eternum Energy is an inclusive business based in London that aims to provide energy in low-income communities by empowering village entrepreneurs with business and technology solutions. The technology solution is Solaris, a solar powered charging station providing the ability for entrepreneurs to charge lamps, phones and other vital devices for their local community.

In order to engage our target customers, the business solution is the Solaris Incubation Programme. This is an initiative to allow our village entrepreneurs to learn, grow and maintain their micro-energy businesses via a network of mentors. This local presence also allows our technology to be afforded through lease payments, supported for the long term and gives market access for future developments. 

Team Members: Siten Mandalia, Mechanical Engineering, MENG; Thibault Lesueur, International Business, Strategic Management of Sustainable Development MA; Benjamin David, Environmental Engineering MA, International Affairs MA; Kishan Vaghela, B.Sc. Business, Mathematics & Statistics