Eddy Labs

Harnessing Sound for the Smart Home

Climate-KIC Start-Up

Founding Year: 2014

Location: UK

Inspired by the power of the human ear to identify sounds, we sought to simplify home sensing by detecting multiple events in the home with just a microphone.

Eddy is a single device that the consumer can simply plug into their home. One eddy can detect what happens in their home, sending important deductions directly to their phone. For example, “Your fire alarm is going off when you are away from home”, “Your washing has finished” or “Your baby is crying”.

Eddy’s all-in-one solution reduces the need for multiple smart home devices and will help change energy consumption behaviour by demonstrating usage, and suggest cost effective alternatives.  


Thomas Tredinnick


Team Members: Thomas Tredinnick; Dabo Chen; Zachary Mitchell